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Oil-to-propane furnace conversions growing
Fed up with the burdens of heating oil, homeowners are increasingly ready to dump their old oil tank and make the switch to higher-efficiency propane.

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Welcome Pyrofax Customers
In October 2011, Mulhern Gas acquired the Hudson, NY branch of Pyrofax Energy LLC. Formerly Merle Oil Company, we think the Pyrofax purchase was a "perfect fit" for both Mulhern Gas and the many Pyrofax propane customers in our area. We look forward to serving our new Pyrofax customers for many years in the future.

Happy Birthday Propane
2012 marks the 100th Anniversary of the propane industry. On May 17, 1912, liquefied petroleum gas, otherwise know as propane, began lighting lights and cooking meals in a rural farmhouse in Pennsylvania. Today, propane is used by millions of people every day in a dizzying array of uses. Truly…Exceptional Energy.

Muhern Gas Supports the Centennial of Propane
In April 2012, Mulhern Gas sponsored the Centennial of Propane delivery truck which debuted at the National Propane Gas Association's Southeast Convention in Atlanta, GA. The truck generated $5000 in vendor contributions which were donated to Propane Centennial Celebration and Museum. There's a very good chance you'll see the truck around town or maybe in your driveway. You can't miss it!

Mulhern Adds Propane Storage
In May 2012, Mulhern Gas installed an additional 30,000 gallon storage tank at our Hudson facility. This brings Mulhern's total storage capacity to 120,000 gallons. This additional storage helps Mulhern ensure an uninterrupted supply of propane to our customers no matter what winter has in store.

Help Keep New York Propane Prices Low
As the demand for propane in New York continues to grow, the propane industry is hard at work building an infrastructure that will provide a steady, economical supply of propane to our customers. As such, please visit and urge Governor Cuomo and the DEC to approve the Finger Lakes LPG Storage project. Approval for this long overdue infrastructure project has languished NY DEC for over five years. This project is crucial for keeping winter propane prices down and system dependability high.

Rick Cummings Named NYPGA President
We are pleased to announce that Mulhern Gas Vice President, Rick Cummings, has been elected president of the New York Propane Gas Association. His term will expire in March of 2016. As president, he will lead the well over 300 propane dealers and equipment suppliers from across New York State. Rick also serves as Legislative Committee Chairman of the NYPGA and had previously served as First Vice President.

Generator Customers
If your generator has been running for an extended period of time, please check your tank's gauge. If your gauge reads 30% or below, please call the office to schedule a delivery.

Hearth Product Users
If you find yourself using your gas fireplace or heater more than usual, please check your tank's gauge. If it reads 30% or below, please call the office to schedule a delivery.



Hudson, NY – October 1, 2020

Mulhern Gas Company, Inc. of Hudson, NY is pleased to announce that the company’s Vice President, Richard “Rick” Cummings III, has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA).

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LP Gas Magazine, February 2017

Family-run company fosters experience, commitment

There's something to be said for a lifetime of experience. It's certainly a way to gain respect, says Mike O'Reilly, a propane delivery driver for Hudson, New York-based Mulhern Gas Co. I couldn't agree more. O'Reilly has worked for Mulhern Gas, a family-owned propane retailer, for six years. In all, he's been a propane delivery driver for about 10 years…

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